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When Clare's daughter began modelling, she realised the importance of prioritising castings that would be meaningful and empowering to her. Not only this, but it seemed vital to focus on accepting opportunities from brands that supported positive causes. When Clare was unable to find any agencies that matched these values, Terra Libra was born.


Initially, Terra Libra provided marketing services to local sustainable brands, by working with a small group of models and photographers. Since, it has grown into a broader talent and production agency, as a result of the newfound skills of its growing team and the expanding needs of its clients.


Yet, Terra Libra continues to keep this initial story of sustainability and creativity at its heart. Now, we exclusively represent professional models, actors, influencers, and industry professionals (referred to as our 'Creatives') who share our purpose-led ethos.


Explore Terra Libra's services

Terra Libra TALENT

Terra Libra represents a range of talent, including actors, models, singers, and dancers. Our talent is divised into four main divisions: 

Our Talent are available for both external and in-house productions.


Terra Libra is Spotlight and Mandy registered.


Our production service connects 'Life Affirming' brands with our Creatives, who share the same ethical values to create meaningful campaigns that make an impact. These services include:

  • Social Media Management/Content

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Photoshoots

  • Film/Music Videos/Documentaries

  • Production House Services

  • Live Streaming Broadcast

  • Brand Strategy

  • Creative Direction

  • Coaching and Wellbeing Services

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We ensure that the work that you do as a Terra Libra Talent or Creative is purpose-led and meaningful. We will always give you choice in the work that you do and put your wellbeing at the top of our priorities.

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We remove the hassle by co-ordinating all elements of a shoot, while ensuring that each of these elements has care and sustainability at its heart.

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