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Andrea Stein

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I started my journey in the film industry as an actress, but as we all know as an actor you can't wait for the job to come to you, you must create your own work. I teamed up with a group of friends and we started producing our own projects. As it's usually the case with low budget productions, you end up in many different departments and jobs and that's how I fell in love with all sides of filmmaking.


I found that my great passion for character psychology and connecting with the audience translated perfectly into other areas of filmmaking. Fashion is ingrained in our society and how we dress can tell a lot about us and I love this about characters' costumes. There's so much story you can tell through what a character is wearing and it can completely change their impact and connection with the audience. Our environments like our house, work, places we go to, etc. can also communicate a lot about who we are. What them film looks like and how the story is told has direct impact in the audiences perception and interpretation of that story.   


Through the years of working in different productions I've gathered skills and experience and have great knowledge of how the different departments work. I can easily fit into different areas and work collaborative to achieve a great final result. 

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